perhaps the only bagel shop located inside
a midcentury modern furniture store.


How it all began

Andrea Baumgardner and Brett Bernath are the brains (and arms) behind BernBaum's. BernBaum's makes New York style bagels fresh daily. We incorporate Scandinavian flavors into a seasonal menu, which features produce from local farms whenever possible. Our lunch counter serves up sandwiches, soups, and salads with gluten free and vegan options.

Previously a midcentury modern store aptly named The Madhaus, the space has transformed over the past two years to accommodate more diners and monthly prix-fixe dinners.

BernBaum's is the work of a talented team. Alongside Andrea and Brett, Paul (Perez), the lovely Amy (Rice), Joe Swegarden, Ciara Tomanek, Camille Paaverud, and Pat McCoy all contribute to the magic. 


kind words

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“It’s very important to me who I work with and it’s very important to me to impart that it’s really not about me.” - Andrea


“Maybe it's because chef Andrea Baumgardner and her husband Brett offer a magnificent lamb meatloaf sandwich with lingonberries and pickled onions…”


“The Scandinavian-German and Jewish fare, reflecting the proprietors’ heritages, includes potato latkes...”

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Inside their retro furniture store, Mid Mod Madhaus, Andrea Baumgardner and husband Brett Bernath have opened a lunch counter inspired by her Icelandic and his Jewish roots.

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“A cool, crisp morning in Fargo pairs beautifully with a bagel from BernBaum's.”

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“But locals know this Nordic-Jewish deli is even more delightfully quirky than a Coen brothers flick.”

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